The exceptional commercial for the robot manufacturer was planned and filmed by Matthias zentner and fully produced by velvet Mediendesign GmbH, on a set of an abandoned sport hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was provided for the shoot by the passionate service production Chouchov Brothers, who specializes in feature film productions. With the engineers of KUKA and the professional support of table tennis professionals, Agilus, the world's fastest robot, was programmed for all kind of moves in order to withstand the challenging match against Timo Boll, ranked nr. 5 in the world. The angles, strategies and probabilities of the match moves were all well elaborated in cooperation with the director, the opponent Timo Boll and with KUKA. This whole effort was made for KUKA's new production facility opening on 11th of March in Shanghai, and it was fully worth it!! A never before made experience set at the horizon of myth. BTW: you asked yourself what in the world KUKA stands for? It's "Keller Und Knappich Augsburg" :) CREDITS: client: KUKA Roboter, Augsburg, responsible: Dr. Andreas Bauer, Boris Dolkhani and Markus Goegler, agency: Sassenbach Advertising, Munich; responsible: Peter Metz, Hans Neubert, Kin Ming Chan, Julia Schwarz, Melanie KIssendorfer, Anya Bergmann and Martin Kurtz; agency producer: Michael Zackel; director: Matthias Zentner; production: velvet Mediendesign GmbH, Munich; producer: Oliver Loessl; DOP: Dieter Deventer, Alexander Stanishev; service production: Chouckov Brothers Studio; service producer: Maria Metodieva; art director: Sabina Christova; post: velvet Mediendesign GmbH, Munich; post producer: Oliver Loessl; editor: Christian Lonk; Matthias Zentner color correction: Florian Wolf; 3D: Ignyte; flame artists: Sylvie Roessler, Tom Tiller; nuke artist: Rayk Hemmerling; title animation: Thomas Wernbacher; music production: Lost in Music; composer: Matthias Neuhauser; soundmix: Robert MIller c.o. m-sound; Explore hoohbe the best extreme sport

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